Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The wheel of fortune

So this weekend has been a rater eventful one with it being close to payday and all. But perhaps more eventful than I bargained for. Friday… ahhh who cares what happened on Friday lets just skip to the jucy parts shall we.

Well Saturday we decided to go out for a quick drink. Well a quick drink turned into us getting home at 2 in the morning. Anyway Dave was really trashed and saw this huge fugly guy talking to this girl so he drags me over there once the mofo is gone to ask if that guy is bugging her coz he seems like a real prick… Only to learn that that pricky guy is her boyfriend… This was possibly the only reason we whent home so early in the first place. Was probably a good idea as I had packed away 12 Red square enegisers, 2 jagabombs and a few tequila’s and had more energy in me than the duracel bunny.

Anyway on the way home I was proposed to yup in the car… So romantic… I of course thought this was a good idea at the time, hence caffeine helping you do stupid things faster. When the bf went down on one knee to ask as I got out of the car I ended up falling over him. Which I supposed served its purpose as I discovered we have a major ant problem infesting its self in the cracks of our drive way. The bf of course managed to tell the entire world in his drunken state and the next morning left me with a little more than a hangover. I balled my eyes out when I woke up and had to get mac Donalds to feel better. So that all of you know, I do want to be engaged to my wonderful bf, but I am big into firsts and that was not how I expected it.

Well my entire family knows and I am worried about suffering from a case of “you look like a monumental idiot!”. So the bf goes well then we are. Now this is confusing how can we be engaged to my family and not to his it makes no sense what-so-ever! So now neither of us know exactly what we are. Which leaves us on short sentences and one syllable answers.

I have however decided to ignore the subject completely and see what happens. I will pretend that nothing happened for as long as possible even if it kills me. But I think that not really knowing what is going on in our relationship is the worst.

Last night everything seemed comfortable between us at least. We went to his mom’s house and it all felt comfortable between us again even this morning it all seemed fine. I have also come to the conclusion that we have a sock and stocking monster lurking in our yard he occasionally likes to eat me new clothes too… As everytime I was anything half of it is missing but the bf’s sister knows nothing about it until she wears them 2 weeks later oh well.

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