Monday, April 6, 2009

The crystal ball

So this weekend was a really busy one which sucks! I can’t wait to be able to just laze around all weekend. But I should find time this weekend coming as it is 4 days long! Whoop, whoop!!

Friday: We went to play cricket as all of you know. It was the best game ever even though we lost by 2 runs, but considering we played against one of the umpires there the ref was obviously slightly biased. Especially when the umpire we were playing against almost killed me by smacking the ball at like a trillon miles per hour directly towards my face. Now the rules are that a man can’t bat directly towards a female. I tried to catch the ball and did just as well as it managed to split my wrist open. It should heave been -6 points but it was apparently below the knee I think the ref is trying to tell me something… Because clearly my face looks like my ass! And besides after my oscar winning performance where I dropped like a sack of potatoes and rolled around like an injured Man United player I deserved those 6 points, anyway…

Saturday: Spent my whole morning at the bank which was an entire waste of time! I don’t understand how you need to be in debt to get finance. I mean seriously and if no1 will give me credit how the hell am I ment to get myself into debt?? I had to fight just to open a new account! I mean seriously the banks don’t even want to take my money. Could have just been the stupid chick that tried to help me. She did alright further into a ditch. The manager did however manage to get it through her thick skull that a rental agreement does serve as proof of residence. I mean hello! After that catastrophe I decided I needed some much needed TLC so I sought it in Mother Russia and got myself a bottle of vodka. Then we went and played guitar hero at the bf’s brothers house.
Me and Dave also had a huge fight because I told the consultant she was incompetent perhaps I could have relaxed a little but once you have been there for 3 weeks in a row, which was just a great waste of time! I think anyone would need to blow off a little steam. Besides I am not sorry if she doesn’t deem a rental agreement as proof of residence then she is incompetent! We did sort it out though.

Sunday: I went to Goldreef City with the rest of the household while the bf went to play airsoft. It was rather fun and it was a good use of R120.

This morning: The bf’s sister is convinced that Dave took R100 out of her wallet. Which makes no sense what so ever because we were at Goldreef the whole of Sunday and Dave was at airsoft. Not to mention we both still have money left. So she is screaming at Dave and asking who would have taken it then? I mean seriously she probably spent it herself and doesn’t remember. I mean she is mentally ill and all… No fucken kidding she really is. She has like 20 tablets she has to take to stop her from going going psyco and killing everyone in the house. As to answer the “who took it?” question: Well now this is a tough one but my sleuth skills really helped me out here… Well lets start with who is the only person who knows where she keeps her money? Her lazy bf. Okay and who’s the only person who doesn’t have an income? Umm… her bf. So who is the only person that needs money? Oh wait… her bf. Okay and who is the only person who can dig through her cupboards ect being undetected? Her bf! So therefore the thief must be her bf!! Well done agent Smith!! Otherwise the site is pretty quiet so help me out!! Got some thing to say?? Go to

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