Monday, April 20, 2009

Nerdy or Miss Priss??

I am at the moment balancing between wheather I think I am too prissy or too nerdy. I believe that a good combination is always good. I have come to this conclusion that I have more pink on my desk than any sane person should [Yes, I do already know that I am not exactly normal but still]. Hence the above.

But on the other hand I spent the whole of the weekend playing Xbox- Guitar hero and End War ( I just think its really cool coz it is voice prompted) and I actually know what Warhammer is.

And then I go back to the fact that I know that Gianni Versace was assassinated by Andrew Cunnan. And I also know that the founder of Addidas and the founder of Puma are brothers and arch enemies. And I also own a ridiculous amount of playboy merchandise. Again Prissy…
And then I need to consider that I also know that cat pee glows under a black UV light [Don't ask]. And I know exactly what people mean when they talk about mount doom or Mordor or any other fantasy place in any cult fantasy movie.

But now that I think about it perhaps it is neither that is overpowering. The root of the problem seems to come from my intrest in almost completely useless information. [I say almost because every now and again it comes in handy like on quiz night].

Argh, who cares its Monday!

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