Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Its all about me!

I decided seeing that tomorrow is a holiday and all that I am gonna do just a nice get to know me more post for today. Thanks to my brainy old science partners facebook for the idea.

Last beverage→ Coffee
Last phone call→ The don
Last text message→ The bf
Last song you listened to→ Some song on Guitar hero called I hate myself for loving you
Last time you cried→ About a week ago my lover with the red Ferrari came to visit so I was crying about everything

Dated someone twice→ yes
Been cheated on?→ Yes, I actually walked in on it once it was real great. One of those Italian stallions u know the kind that thinks its okay to slap a girl and cheat on her in one night. I think if I wasn’t so innocent back then I might have taken some advise from what happens in Vegas and smack him in the balls while he wasn’t expecting it.
Kissed someone & regretted it?-> Yeah but at least I’ve never woken up and wanted to chew my arm off…. Oh wait… Next question please.
Lost someone special?→ Yeah… unfortunately but you can’t make anyone stick around their part in the story is just over now and it means that there is room for more special people.
Been depressed?→ Yeah got the scars to prove it unfortunately but looking back that was just a speed bump on the road.
Been drunk and threw up?→ Yup, thanks Dad! Well atleast he didn’t make me clean the car the next day.


Made new friends→ You always pick up new friends along the journey, however this year has brought many, many wonderful new friends and really put the old ones to the test.
Fallen out of love→ Yeah, he smacked me so it kinda happened in like a split second. I still hung around for a year afterwards though, which made walking out harder but I did it with nothing more than my cothes. But I maintain you gotta pay to get rid of some people.
Laughed until you cried→ Yes, I have the actress to thank for that, which just makes me miss her more because she is in Holland till the end of the year and that just sucks.
Met someone who changed you→ Unfortunately.
Found out who your true friends were→ Yeah after breaking up with someone you’ve been with for 3 years friends true colours tnd to come out.
Found out someone was talking about you → Yeah but hey I’d rather be talked about than not be talked about so whatever.
Kissed anyone on your friend's list→ Yeah, but its not like you think.

How many people on your friends list do you know in real life→ Almost all of them there are like 5 that I don’t.
How many kids do you want to have→ none
Do you have any pets→ Yes I have a Chinese Crested Hairless called Ozzy after Ozzy Osbourn [he looked like a rocker when he was little] He is really funny and is the jealous type but that’s for another post.
Do you want to change your name→ Nope its kinda grown on me, like a fungi
What did you do for your last birthday→ :-? Drove around for like half an hour because my blonde friend organized me a surprise party at a club that burnt down. Then we ended up at Tokyo Sky.
What time did you wake up today→ 6:30
What were you doing at midnight last night→ Wouldn’t you like to know 
Name something you CANNOT wait for→ The day that I finally get my OWN [in my name] car.
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life→ The house I am staying in right now its like coming home to a deathtrap waiting to happen
What are you listening to right now→ People talking
What's getting on your nerves right now?→ The fact that people always think I want to hear about their problems I don’t mind if they are real problems but if you cheat on your husband and shit like that I seriously don’t want to know! Oh and if your sister who I don’t know is going through a tough divorce coupled with anorexia, I don’t wanna know. Nor do I wanna know about your menstral cycle! Do you hear me freaky secretary lady!
Nicknames→ Mags, Rims, Puglet.
Relationship Status→ In a relationship, with the sexiest man ever, I know people just like say that but he really is hot, cross pretty boy Chad Michael Murry with a roughed Kid rock and you’d be getting close.
Zodiac sign→ Taurus baby! We just rock!
Male or female→ Female, can’t you tell.
Primary School→ Van Riebeeck Park Primary/ Amanzimtoti Primary
High school→ Windsor house Acdemy
Hair color→ Black
Long or short→ Long and I am never cutting it again.
Height→ 1.6m
Do you have a crush on someone?→ Not really.
What do you like about yourself (physically/personality)?→ My eyes and my tattoo’s
Piercings→ I have 5…
Tattoos→ 2…
Righty or lefty→ righty.

First surgery→ Appendix on Xmas eve when I was 11 or 12
First piercing→ my ears
First best friend(s)→ Patricia
First sport you joined→ Netball
First pet→ dog: Sandy
First vacation→ Margate… I think…
First concert→ The offspring!
First crush→ I have no idea one of my moms friends sons when I was like 5.

Eating→ Nothing I need to loose some extra weight.
Drinking→ Coffee
I'm about to→ Get my lazy ass back to work.
Listening to→ The accounts dept. laughing hysterically about something hopefully they are not pole dancing around the pot tree again. [It’s a pot plant/ tree]
Waiting to→ Go home so I can see my love

Want kids?→ I would never have believed I would ever say this but yes 2 atleast.
Want to get married?→ Yeah, I want to spend copious amounts of my dads money on one day and have people fussing around me.
Careers in mind?--> I really want to work for Microsoft one day.

Lips or eyes→ Eyes
Hugs or kisses→ Hugs
Shorter or taller→ Taller
Older or Younger→ Older hence the ex being like 13 years older than me but the bf is just the right gap of 5 years
Romantic or spontaneous→ Romantic
Nice stomach or nice arms→ Arms! I am so into arms its not even funny!
Sensitive or loud→ Loud… He needs to be able to compete with me, and I am damn loud!
Hook-up or relationship→ Relationships only… But no one would believe me if I told them
Trouble maker or hesitant→ Trouble maker…

Kissed a stranger→ Nope…
Drank hard liquor→ Ouch my head hurts already
Lost glasses/contacts→ Nope don’t wear them.
Broken someone's heart -> Yeah but I payed for it a zillion times over believe me!
Had your own heart broken→ yes :-(
Been arrested→ Almost, but no…
Turned someone down→ I’m a girl seriously turning people down is built into my DNA
Cried when someone died→ yes, buckets, even when people die on tv.

Yourself→ I do thanks to my boss!
Miracles→ Yes, to keep myself sane.
Love at first sight→ Yes, I fell in love with the bf when I saw him sitting 2 tables down at Stones but it wasn’t like LOVE.
Heaven→ Again yes to keep my sanity.
Santa Clause→ Nope but I got a very hot Santa e-mail last year and I wouldn’t mind him coming down my chimney to give me presents
Kiss on the first date?→ Nope…
Angels→ Undecided

Is there one person you want to be with right now?→ Yeah, my bf
Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time?→ Sort of but not exactly and not recently either.

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