Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Bearded lady

My Advice to anyone: Never ever, ever, ever, try to help a friend or family member out when it comes to business. Coz it’ll turn around and bite u in the ass!! Yup you know that I am right. Oh and never argue with an idiot, coz they will drag you down to their level and then… Beat you by experience. Now I know you all think I am being mellow dramatic but the bf’s sister is possibly the dumbest blonde I have ever met in my life! No wait I am lying… That would be her best friend… Oh or maybe Paris Hilton… [Pause] Okay so she is the 3rd dumbest blonde I know.

Okay so basically the business is down so I decide that I will help them out by giving them some free advertising on the website. Which is by the way doing wonderfully… Facebook: watch this space! Anyway, the blind bat asks me to modify the advert 3 days in a row which I don’t have a problem with except for the uploading process being so monumentally and unnessisarily time consuming. So me being the caring, idiotic person that I am decides to just ask her to check the whole advert again because they are having down time on the site. Completely not my problem and I just run system adverts in its place. So it in fact benefits me for their advert to be inactive but hey. To this the bimbo of course freaks out as she doesn’t have the brain capacity to decifer the difference between advise and an insult. The conversation whent some thing like this.

BIMBO: Please can you change the numbers again. Oh and change the over 8000 applicants to 9000

SOLITAIRE: Okay but just check the advert to make sure your happy with it coz everytime I change it it takes up to 24hrs to fix.

BIMBO: Well can we change the applicant numbers once a month.

SOLITAIRE: [PLEASE NOTE: over 8000 is also over 9000, and over 9000 is also 10,000.] Yes but you have to understand that it is going to give you down time each time you make a change.

BIMBO: Solitaire, whats your problem? ...................Im the client and frankly your emails are cheeky about the fact I pointed out your mistake so your making me feel guilty because I’m correcting you. Just apologize and get on with it. I don’t give a shit if it takes you 2 weeks to fix it - just fix it. You fucked up with the number so have some cautious response about the responsibility in fixing it. If my boss saw your tone she wouldn’t be very impressed. If this is your tone then rather please remove our advert completely. I don’t think your bosses would appreciate your tone either towards your client. I don’t care how long it takes you just rectify it.

SOLITAIRE: [HUH??] I don’t mind changing it I am trying to give you advise. Here it is anyway.

BIMBO: Okay proceed.

[15 minutes pass]
BIMBO: You know what just cancel the advert.

SOLITAIRE: Dear Ms Scott

The advert is pulled off. The account is still there though as I need to wait until our lead programmer returns to close the account completely.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



I mean seriously what the fuck!!! I mean seriously, I’m doing her a favour and she whants to fuck me over!! Bitch! And then she still wants to move in with me and the bf when the lease is over coz she can’t afford to live on her own as her broke ass bf is too lazy to get a job!! Screw it she can stay in a flat above a roach infested bottle store that is secretly running a prostitution ring for all I care! Or perhaps if I can make a suggestion, a cave in Afghanistan might make a humble abode for the “happy” couple. They will have a place to stay, hell I’ll even pay for the rent!

Anyway I am sure we will work it out or kill each other trying…

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