Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The crystal ball

Well I havn’t been able to post for a while but everything has just been like a whirl wind this past week. Well the long weekend was okay it was nice to have such a long relaxing break. The bf had to work Friday and Monday which sucks. So I spent the weekend doing washing and cleaning the house. Yes, on my own even when he was there. Well I suppose that’s not exactly fair he did clean the bathroom and helped with the kitchen.

We finally have some clarity on the whole engagement thingy. We are but we are making it all official like at the end of the year. If our relationship survives all these late nights and whot not. He worked late again last night or should I say this morning. He ill be going home at 8 am and as you all can see I am already at work so I havn’t seen him. Personally I have a hard time believing that he worked from 7am yesterday to 8am today but I guess that’s just because I grew up with a professional liar for a step father so I don’t believe what anyone says, I always make up my own mind. That coupled with the fact that I am just too damn observant for my own good makes me a force to be reckoned with. For example the bf trying to convince me he hasn’t seen the scumbag of a best friend:
BF: I missed you babe I was here all alone.
Soitaire: Hey baby were you here alone last night? [stupid question I have already seen the once full bottle of vodka standing on the table with 2 glasses but knowing that it will be far moe entertaining to let this little skit play out]
BF: Yup
Solitaire: So you decided to drown your sorrows?
BF: No, why?
Solitaire: The bottle of vodka
BF: Oh that yeah
Solitaire: So your absolutely sure that you didn’t see the scumbag lastnight?
BF: No, I havn’t seen him in ages.
Solitaire: WOW! Babe you really have a strong stomach to manage to get an entire bottle of vodka down in 2 glasses. And you have no hang over. I am really impressed.
BF: Okay so maybe the scumbag came over and we had a few drinks.

Damn I am good aren’t I. So yeah he better not be trying to pull any stunts because he doesn’t pay enough attention to detail to fool me. I hope I don’t have to swallow my words in the near future but I am pretty confident. To be honest I don’t really buy any of this working for 24hrs bullshit that he is trying to sell me. But I guess that’s just my “insecurities” creeping up again. I told him this morning that I don’t believe him and his answer was do you want to speak to my boss, I said no. In retrospect I think I should have. I probably wouldn’t have anyway but I could have just said yes to see his reaction and by that I would have known.

But he has been acting strange lately but I have found no evidence of a phantom woman so perhaps its just something else. Sadly I love him and it makes sense because if I didn’t we wouldn’t still be together and I am starting to worry that I am starting to loose my touch being blinded by my feelings and all, and I certainly don’t want to end up in the same trap that my mother fell into; loving a man that will ultimately destroy me. But perhaps I am just far too paranoid for my own good.
Only time will tell.

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