Monday, May 11, 2009

My B-day

So it was my b-day this weekend and all seemed to go as could be expected. I got spoilt rotten, got drunk and fell down. So the usual for anyones b-day.

I did feel a little upset that the usual faces that are normally there on my b-day weren't. Most of them also didn't have a good excuse so like whateva. But some guy that I work with managed to pitch up somewhat acidentally with him being friends with one of my friends and what not. This was a little awakward considering me telling the bf that I cannot stand this guy one bit at work and then he manages to show up at my party so yeah. 

I remember Q ba and going to watch concussion girl at Woody's until the point when they decided a b-day drink was a good idea and proceeded to get me  2 Jagerbombs and a tequila in a row. After that it is all a blur. Besides arguing with the drummer about tdriving my car coz he doesn't have a license and insisting I was okay to drive, a debate at which I faied miserably. And then I remember the bf carring me inside and putting my pj's on. 

I can usually remember what I did but the bf says that this is normal as now I am not a teenager anymore and therefore don't know everything anymore. has finally gone through its last phase of upgrades touch wood and so far there are no problems with it. And I got a mention in the Springs addie for my charity work. So work is atleast going well. Lets see what the rest of the week has in store.

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