Friday, March 6, 2009

The wheel turns

Today has been an awesome friday! Firstly no moderation problems besides a few ignorant people which is always good for a laugh, for example Blogger1: "What is everyone's thoughts on pirated movies?"  response by blogger 2: " I didn't really like pirates of the carribean but I'm always up for something new." Yup I have the best job in the world because just as I feel like the day is never gonna end someone comes up with a comment like this and u can't help but laugh.

The second reason why today was good is as my boss is not here I managed to have a proper conversation with Tazz my best friend and catch up on various usual things like Binx broke up with her boyfriend, my ex's financials are going down the drain (Yeah! Considering the @ss hit me about and I left OUR house with nothing other than my clothes, I am allowed to be happy about his slow demise into the abyss.) And the usual other stuff like a mutual friend finding out that he isn't the father of his fiance's child as she is actually an escourt... No fucking kidding I don't believe it my self but whatever. 

Anyway tonight I am meeting one of my good friends Koi for a drink at his chicks 21st. I have never met her so I suppose I'd be kinda gate crashing but he doesn't know anyone there so I agreed to risk it. Anyway I will let you know how that goes on monday. 

The boyfriend is at the moment giving me no hassels which is suprising but again I am not complaining. I think it might have some thing to do with the fact that le' friend is about to arrested for stealing his sisters TV set and a few other valuble items. So we are glad that this friend is MIA for the moment. 

So it is blissful and with approximately 4 hours of work left Life is good

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