Thursday, March 12, 2009

So today didn't turn out too badly the boss is at head office today and has promised to get an answer on when the next build to our website will be finished. Hopefully soon cause I donno how long the i donno question is going to work on the reps who are kinda starting to foam at the mouth and I am starting to worry about being ripped limb from limb. Plus I'm ment to be the so called "webmaster" so I now look like a complete idiot... and if the Reps get hold of me I will be an incomplete idiot as some parts of me will be missing.

Apparently my Facebook account has also started believing I am incapable of making decisions as it is now an Afrikaans Facebook... Last time I checked it was english.

Then there is of course the developing office sopie... In a nutshell a guy got a warning for sexual harrassment of another guy. Which the one who apparently lodged the complaint denies anyway and now they hate each other. I am just gonna stay right here in my corner and ignore it. The whole office has jumped on the band wagon and for some reason I'm thinking its a bad idea to get involved.

Tomorrow is friday the 13th again and after how last months Friday the 13th turned out I'm not sure I wanna relive another one so soon. And tomorrow I get to sit through another 2 hours of "couples" action cricket. I am so not amped...

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