Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Don't you just love how there's this stigma around Friday the 13th. The one that inevitably causes you to have a bad day no matter how much u don't believe in Friday the 13th. Yeah well shit happens right. So as you guys can imagine my day has been absolutely brilliant... Not. So I guess you want to know what happened as it is always great to hear how some1 else is having a worse day...

Well it started yesterday when the bf had to bring up how stupid it was that I am upset about this whole cricket thing... Which every1 at first agreed with him which is to be expected when his version of the story is Mags is pissed at me for playing cricket. When the real version of the story is Mags is pissed at me for playing couples cricket with some blonde slut! Once I explained that the tables soon turned well his sister and his dad agree with me the sisters bf doesn't but he doesn't pay rent so he is not entiteled to an opinion. So we have been ignoring each other since and now are eventually trying to sort it out well atleast I am.  But he is convinced that it isn't a problem so it isn't a problem.  Well I have decided to pretend that every person on the team has a Y chromosone and that noone with a Y chromosone has their gf on the team... Somehow I think this is gonna be more difficult than I allow credit for.

Then of course we have the usual nagging clients which seem to be more bitchy than usual today. For example they send me an A5 advert and want everything on the advert on an animated gif that is industry standard size of 140x140 pixels and is no more than 11Kb... I resized the original advert to 140x140 pixels and was very tempted to send it for approval but then I remembered that I actually do need my job and it is probably not a good idea... I would love to tho...

It is almost 11 and I am already in need of a staunch drink to calm my nerves... But atleast its Friday! I will let you know how the rest of the weekend pans out!

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