Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The party with teeth

Okay so the 21st wasn't too bad but u know when u meet those people who you just get along with too well... Yeah well u end up coming home at 6:30 in the morning and wish u never spent that much cash but not a train smash all is good.

The weekend did convince me and the bf of one thing tho, we are not nerdy enough... Weird I know but we have decided to do more geeky stuff on the weekend to avoid the hangover that goes with the whole jock seen we seem to be dragged into more and more. So we have an XBox LAN this weekend... Okay its not much but it is a start.

Oh and we have also come to the conclusion that it is best that I cook from now on as whatever it was that the bf's twin cooked lastnight could pass as a contact adhesive... No friggen kidding that stuff could hold the Eiffel Tower together I swear.

The WOMF blog is growing at a slow pace at the moment well seeing as it is still in the early adoptive phase it makes sense... But it is now kinda like watching the grass grow blade by blade. And the free advertising on it is harder to give away than it is to sell advertising. People in SA always think that there's a cache.

Anyway I have been spending the last 2 days helping out typing vacancies for the paper so I can now officially say that I have done my bit for the unemployment problem. I typed up like 200 vacancies in the past 2 days, so the next time one of those beggars try tell me their "There is no work" sob story I don't have to feel guilty because they are lying....

So thats about the rundown of my weekend will keep u posted

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